Chaozhou Creation Trend Ceramic Co., Ltd attended the 1st session of Building & Sanitary Ceramics Quality Conference and has Passed National Special Inspection.
On July 28th-29th, 2016, with the subject of Quality, Innovation, Green, Intelligence, Development, the first Building & Sanitary Ceramics Quality Conference and China Ceramic Society Division Building & Sanitary Ceramics Professions Council 2016 academic annual conference was solemnly held in Qingdao. More than 200 people from all over the country attended this conference, including Qiu Taohui, the Chairman of Chaozhou Creation Trend Ceramic Co., Ltd. This conference aimed to summarize and exchange the quality condition, scientific research achievements and practical experience of building sanitary ceramics products, so as to promote the development of building sanitary ceramics industry and the progress of manufacturing technology. 

In recent years, Building & Sanitary Ceramics Industry in our country flourishes and products show sustainable growth in output. However, with its fast economic growth, a series of product quality problems are emerging, which affects and constraints the health and sustainable development of the whole industry. Therefore, a series of professional speeches and discussions centered on quality conference come out at this conference.

It seems very significant to establish a standardized and orderly Building & Sanitary Ceramics Industry Quality Standard. The formulation and implementation of quality standard will greatly encourage enterprises to better control product quality, shoulder more social responsibilities, guide enterprises obtain a better development, safeguard the right and interests of consumers. With the establishment and implementation of the Building & Sanitary Ceramics Industry Standards, National Building & Sanitary Ceramics Quality Supervision and Inspection Center strengthens the random inspection to the products produced by all the building sanitary ceramics enterprises.

As the drafter of National Building & Sanitary Ceramics Industry Quality Standard, Chaozhou Creation Trend Ceramic CO., Ltd, with its excellent quality, has passed the national supervision special inspection in National quality supervision and inspection center. All indexes of Ceramic sanitary ware products are far superior to the data of Chinese national standard.

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